YNWA Sleeve
I sat down before Christmas and decided I was going to knit myself a Liverpool FC sweater. There is a deplorable lack of fan craft in the world of sports, and also a deplorable lack of decent fan clothing options for women, where everything either has to be pink or otherwise horribly designed. These are things I can rectify!


Or more like Craftermonth? I’ve been very busy lately making… stuff. Mostly knitted stuff, but some paper crafty stuff too.

I’ve decided to not put up my Christmas tree this year beacuse it’s a hassle to take down again (i.e. I usually take it down in February, oops) but after several years of thinking about it, I finally got around to making a wreath for my front door.

This paper Christmas wreath tutorial was my starting point, but I put it together slightly differently after forgetting the construction techniques completely when I went to buy supplies. (more…)

I’ve been a complete failure at posting about the travelling I’ve been fortunate enough to do this year, mostly due to laziness because I’m good that way. I only managed to post about the soccer-related portion of our trip to Boston, New York City, and Baltimore in July, but I also spent a long weekend in San Francisco in August after I got to go to San Diego for work, which I naturally also failed to post about.

But! Amelia and I went to England (and Scotland) for two-and-a-half weeks at the end of September / start of October, and I am now forcing myself to write about it before I forget everything. The general organizing theme of this trip was called “How Many Soccer Games Can We Go To In Two Weeks?”. [This shocks you, I’m sure.] Onwards, to Part 1! (more…)

I’m not super into Halloween but I like to make stuff and was shamed for not dressing up at work last year, so this year I went as… spaghetti dinner! A.K.A. It’s Actually Not Hard To Wear A Non-Racist, Non-Sexist Halloween Costume™ (I had many rage issues this Halloween).

If you’re feeling inclined, a half-hearted tutorial on how to make the spaghetti plate out of dollar store supplies is below the cut. (more…)


Social Jusice

  • The ‘Yo, Is This Racist?’ Month in Racism for April: Our Token Black(face) Friend
    "Which, when it comes down to it, is really the problem with all satire that re-creates racist behavior. In the best-case scenario, the message you communicate to the erudite audience who utterly "get it" is, at best, nothing more complex or noteworthy than "Hey, blackface is bad, homies, man, we used to be racist." That's it. The best you get out of the portrayal is a chance to state the (hopefully) completely obvious."
  • Teenage Dread | Toronto Standard
    “The marginalization of young female music fans”, specifically heavy metal fans bout might as well be about teenage girls who are fans of anything since they’re scorned for, you know, liking stuff.
  • "They Won’t Magically Turn You Into A Lustful Cockmonster"
    Chris Kluwe explains gay marriage to the politician who is offended by an NFL player supporting it.


I’ve been knitting! And forgetting to post!

When I took that knitting class in January, I bought a ball of charcoal grey and a ball of cream-coloured worsted weight yarn that I ended up not doing anything with on account of not wanting to finish the deeply hideous scarf I was playing around with for the class. Instead, I found a herringbone mitten pattern that coincidentally used both grey and cream as well.

  1. They were pretty straightforward and I made only a few mistakes that I didn’t bother to correct because a) I am lazy, and b) the pattern is so busy you can barely see them.
  2. I left off the pompoms because I can’t imagine anything more obnoxious dangling from my mittens.
  3. If I made these again, I’d probably add another few rows to the top part of the mitten after the thumb increases end since apparently I have longer fingers than the average person; I don’t enjoy not having the join of the thumb and the mitten not sitting right at the join of my thumb and hand, so I think that would help. I would also make the cuff longer since it’s pretty short and thus useless for actually keeping out the cold in the winter.

(Ravelry project page)


The Canadian government is throwing all sorts of money at projects commemorating the War of 1812 this year, including two brand new Heritage Minutes featuring lesser known stories about the war. New Heritage Minutes, yay! Better yet, they held a sneak preview screening of the minutes last night, so I went with Audrey despite my general aversion to doing anything that happens on College St. Not only did they screen the top older Heritage Minutes as voted by Canadians, but they also gave out t-shirts featuring various War of 1812 Canadian heroes (Isaac Brock, represent!) and a DVD* containing all sixty-four previous minutes. Double yay!

Somewhat hilariously, they had a Q&A with the director, writers, and actors afterwards. Ye Olde Standard Q&A questions were asked, which was entertaining given that they were speaking about a piece of work that was literally a minute long. At Q&As you always here filmmakers talking about how inspired by X or Y they were, blah blah, but I think this is the first time I’ve ever really and truly believed a filmmaker talking about how inspired they were, in this case, by the previous Heritage Minutes because literally no one in Canada does not love these.

I think my favourite is a bit of a toss up, but today I’ll go with the one on the origin of Canada’s name, as I think the priest does a good job of embodying the douchiness of a colonizer who thinks he knows better than everyone else.

They don’t show these on TV very much anymore, but the new minute on Richard Pierpoint is out this year while the second on John Norton and the Grand River Warriors at Queenston Heights is out next year.

* Not going to lie, I looked into buying this online a few months ago but balked at spending $27 for it. I complained about this to Audrey before the screening started, so when we were handed our swag bags upon leaving she said “Oh my god, you are going to be so happy!”

Save for a few costly and exceedingly costly mistakes, I feel optimistic. (more…)

Feminism / Sexism

  • Say Hello to Your Friends. | Lady T: Funny Feminist
    "So many books aimed at tween and teen girls focus overwhelmingly on boys, clothes, makeup, boys, popularity, gossip, and boys. The Baby-sitters Club deals with all of those topics, but it’s a fourth or fifth priority after baby-sitting, friendship, Important Social Issues (The More You Know…), and Learning Things."
  • The “Sexy Black Eye” and Its Ugly Relatives (Trigger Warning) » Sociological Images
    "As much as I’m bored of seeing women appear to be beaten, sick, or dead in fashion spreads, it also really feels like we must hate them. Why else? Why else this constant glorification of their abuse?"

    Big trigger warnings for some awful images.

  • 50 Shades and Abusive Relationships
    "The following 'red flags' are from a hand out entitled 'Universal Red Flags' taken from a book called How To Spot A Dangerous Man. The instructions read: 'Check all the following that apply even if only remotely'. Let me share the ones I checked on Ana's behalf."