1. We did not see this in 3D, but I suspect the animation of Merida’s hair, which was fantastic in and of itself in 2D, would have been even more brilliant in the third dimension.
  2. I couldn’t figure out what year it was supposed to be. I don’t know a ton about tartans and whatnot, but I don’t feel like they were super common in the form we see on screen during the 4th/5th/6th centuries but then we get a weird random line about someone fighting the Romans and so that threw me for a loop. I shouldn’t fixate on this, but I don’t like not having a good frame of reference, time-wise, for things.
  3. I thought the little brothers were completely annoying, although helpful once they turned into bear cubs.
  4. Loved when Merida decided to win her own hand in marriage; it was simultaneously awesome and depressing that she thought she could somehow outwit the system designed to keep her in a life she didn’t want. I kept thinking of Disney’s Robin Hood during the archery competition and I kind of wish someone had been called Scissorbill. It was very Robin Hood-esque to split an arrow down the middle with another arrow, though.
  5. I want to write gushing thoughts on how great it is to have a princess movie wherein the princess doesn’t have a love interest, doesn’t end up with a love interest, but isn’t wholly against the idea of a love interest when it is right for her (which is not right now or possibly ever) and I wanted to write more gushing thoughts about a an action/adventure movie revolving around a relationship between a mother and a daughter, but part of me feels like this shouldn’t even have to be something to applaud because it should be goddamned commonplace. It isn’t, and that’s why it’s sad and why it needs to be pointed out. I’m just exhausted right now and can’t form proper thoughts befitting of the importance of the portrayals of girls and women in this movie.
  6. The men don’t fare too well in this on account of them being one-dimensional and revolving around Scottish caricatures. I’d be more upset about this if it wasn’t par for the course with most female primary and secondary characters in every movie ever, so. Men often get portrayed this way in movies that do not revolve around women, so anyone who takes issue with the men in this movie should be asking questions about why we’re content to portray men as idiots and morons across most genres of film and not finding ways to blame this on the Evils of Feminism (IMDB forums, I’m looking at you).
  7. I think my favourite part of the film was the sound Merida made when her parents started making out after her mom changed back into a human. Fantastic.
  8. Sorry, I can’t get more excited about this, my sister and I met Torsten Frings — ex-German international and current captain of Toronto FC — like five minutes before seeing this movie and that was pretty exciting. He was also going to see Brave, but he chose to see it in 3D. [Clearly you care about this.]

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