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  • Why Guys Really Hate Being Called ‘Creepy’
    At the heart of the "anti-creep shaming campaign" is a concerted effort to discourage women from relying on their instincts to protect themselves from harm. Laying aside its likely etymology, calling a dude an "asshole" is a way of labeling him a jerk. Plenty of people can be jerks without being predatory. On the other hand, calling a dude "creepy" labels him as a potential threat; a creep may not be imminently violent, but there's almost always a sense that he shows consistent disregard for a woman's physical or psychological space. This is why, as Wakeman wrote, "it's a really freaking dangerous idea to twist a woman's open, honest communication about her boundaries/expectations into ‘creep shaming' that victimizes men."
  • Rape culture in up to 140 characters · londonfeminist
    "Yesterday, Ched Evans, a footballer, was sentenced to five years in prison for raping a nineteen year old woman. This is what some people on Twitter had to say. […] This is rape culture in 140 characters or less. A culture in which after the defendant is convicted by a jury on the higher standard of proof, the woman is accused of being a liar, a money grabber, a gold digger, a ho, a drunk, a promiscuous, publicity-seeking bitch, while the "poor" rapist has had his life ruined."
  • Ways for men to respond to harassment of women | Geek Feminism Blog


  • The Definitive Footy Blog Guide on How to Pick a Football Club | The Footy Blog
    "I’ll begin by saying this is an old, controversial topic in North American circles, and the subject of bitter cultural debate. Each approach comes with their advantages and their weaknesses. Before we get into them, let’s agree on the Two Principle Commandments of supporting a football club.
    I. Thou Shalt Not Support More Than One Club Not Separated by a Domestic League or at Least Three Divisions.
    II. Thou Shalt Not Switch Teams, Ever. You Are X Until You Die."
  • Women United F.C.: A Launch of Its Own – NYTimes.com
    "Colvin parlayed her burgeoning passion for soccer into a fledgling business, Women United F.C., an online soccer community for women that launched March 13. The site is committed to two central goals: building M.L.S.’s female fan base and providing women with a safe haven to discuss soccer on their terms."
  • Major League Soccer Blowhard Says Female Superfans Are Totally Not Hot
    While I agree that this guy is clearly a douche, I'm confused by some of the fan reaction. People are rightly objecting to Borg acting as if female fans should exist to please men… and then turn around and make CafePress t-shirts that also objectify female fans.


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