Sexism / Racism

  • The Where Do You Stand? Campaign
    "Men Can Stop Rape is pleased to announce the launch of WHERE DO YOU STAND?, a new bystander intervention campaign for college men. WHERE DO YOU STAND? positively portrays young men as vital allies and invites all men to consider their own stance on men preventing sexism and sexual assault."
  • In the age of Internet porn, teaching boys to be good men – The Globe and Mail
    "Long-term, the aim is to combat the rates of domestic violence and sexually transmitted infections. Short-term, the goal is to tutor young men in healthy relations with women and non-destructive masculinity."
  • The 5 Most Insulting Ways Products Are Advertised to Men |
    "Just as ads in the 1950s assumed that all women were housewives desperate for new ways to starch their husbands' shirts, advertisers today demonstrate an extremely low opinion of their male customers."
  • Violence On And Off The Ice: Twitter Racism And The NHL | Racialicious
    "It would also be a mistake to particularize these tweets as evidence of the sordid debauchery of online spaces. While reflecting online culture, and the presence of “trolls,” the racism directed at Joel Ward, as with other examples, reveals the nature of racism within contemporary society."
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