I’ve been looking for a good shirt dress pattern for approximately six eons and haven’t been able to find one that I actually liked until now (Simplicity 2246).

I don’t have too much to say about this. I was feeling uninspired by fabric choices so ended up going with a pale blue cotton similar to what was on the pattern package (my sister was like “Seriously?”). The only change I made was to remove the chest pockets because I feel like no one needs random extra emphasis of their boobs like that. The skirt pockets are kind of useless because of the sewing detail that narrows the opening in lieu of tacking the corners; if I make this again, I’m definitely inserting regular pockets and leaving these as purely decorative elements. The collar feels a little on the large side, or maybe the size is fine but it’s just a little unstructured? I’m not sure.

One new thing I tried on this was to actually finish my seams properly. I usually don’t bother finishing my seams and then I curse this choice every time I do laundry and random threads from the fabric start pulling away and tangling. I don’t have a serger so I make sad attempts at using a zigzag stitch when I’m feeling like I should put more effort into this process, but I don’t love that either. On this dress I pressed the seams open and then folded each half of the seam under and stitched it again. I don’t know if this finish has a name, so I am calling it “Lazy”.

Not sure if I’ll wear this with these boots, though; it feels a little country to me.

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